Kiki Klout (@officialkikiklout) was worried we wouldn't want to shoot her today because of a dick juice related eye injury - she couldn't have been more wrong. We sent out Chloe Metcalfe (@chloemetcalfe196) to buy an eyepatch and our pirate hooker was born.

You would think there was a shortage of tits around the house with the amount that Kirill (@meanie)  models the mesh sports bras. The mesh tops are back in stock, by the way. 

She looks better with the eye patch, honestly.

Brooklyn Gray (@brookylnblows), our new house ghost, pooped a ping pong ball into Kiki's mouth. Yes, unfortunately you read that right.

Pirate Hooker or Space Slut? 

Not only does she have the ability to shoot ping pong balls out of her asshole... Brooklyn is almost a gymnast. The plethora of talent in this house never ceases to amaze me. 

I don't know why Estee (@esteemaria) would want to do this but pay attention anyways, Estee. 

Kyle (@kyle_mikami) fulfilled his dream of becoming a dildo pilot.

Is it just me or does Kiki have the world's smallest vagina? To go see more of her tiny vagina go check out the full story.